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Work at home

The quality of your home workplace is crucial.

For both employers and employees, it is indispensable that the home workplace meets all modern requirements.  After all, it is about the health of the people who make up the company or organization. At the office it seems obvious that everything an employee needs to function optimally is present. At home, this is often less well organised. Most people do have a table, a computer and a chair, but in practice this is far from efficient and bad for their health. Back complaints, fatigue and RSI are often the cause of poor functioning. For the employer and employee this is of course a situation that needs to be prevented.

Setting up the right home workplace is not easy. Homeworkplus knows what you need. We know which PC you need, how your internet connection functions optimally and which furniture such as desk, chair and accessories fit your needs seamlessly. ThuiswerkPlus thinks along with you and gives you tailored advice according to Arbo guidelines.

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